Bulk Hiring


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bunch of talented, enthusiastic and pre-screened candidates waiting to join your organization? Well, bulk hiring makes it all possible.

Lets maybe start off by discussing how to know if your bulk hiring process might be a little wrong!

Your bulk recruitment strategies start off with vague job descriptions.
You always seem to be hiring under pressure.
Too many candidates to screen.
Too many interviewers.
Being unprepared, not always by choice.
Your bulk recruitment strategies involve, pay up and wait.
Or, post it and wait.
Social media is really not your cuppa.
Logistics is becoming an all-engulfing black hole in your bulk recruitment process.
Perception-based hiring is a tough one to dodge.
The panel lacks in the required technical knowledge.
You wonder, “why is there not a better way for sourcing, assessing, onboarding that also suits me”.