Legal Age of Marriage in Philippines: Requirements & Laws

The Legal Age of Marriage in the Philippines: A Closer Look at the Current Laws and Statistics

As a legal enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by the intricacies of marriage laws in different countries. Today, want delve Legal Age of Marriage in Philippines explore regulations, statistics, implications important issue.

The Current Law

In Philippines, legal age marriage 18 years old. However, with parental consent, individuals as young as 18 can enter into marriage. It is worth noting that there have been ongoing discussions about increasing the minimum age of marriage to 18 without parental consent in order to protect the rights of young individuals.


According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the number of minors getting married has been declining in recent years. 2015, 3,479 marriages parties below 18 years old. This number decreased to 2,354 in 2018, indicating a positive trend towards reducing underage marriages in the country.

Case Studies

Case Study Age Parties Outcome
Case 1 16 21 Marriage annulled due to the minor`s lack of legal capacity to enter into marriage
Case 2 17 19 Marriage allowed with parental consent
Case 3 15 25 Marriage annulled and legal action taken against the adult party for violating the law

These case studies highlight complexities implications existing laws Legal Age of Marriage in Philippines. It is evident that there is a need for stricter enforcement and awareness of the legal implications of marrying underage individuals.

Implications and Reflection

As explore Legal Age of Marriage in Philippines, becomes clear significant social legal implications associated issue. While progress has been made in reducing underage marriages, there is still work to be done in terms of educating the public and enforcing existing laws.

Overall, Legal Age of Marriage in Philippines multifaceted issue requires ongoing attention action. By understanding the current laws, statistics, and case studies, we can work towards creating a society where individuals are able to enter into marriages with full consent and awareness of their rights.

As legal enthusiasts advocates social change, responsibility continue shedding light important legal issues Legal Age of Marriage in Philippines.


Legal Age of Marriage in Philippines: 10 Popular Questions Answered

Question Answer
1. What Legal Age of Marriage in Philippines? The Legal Age of Marriage in Philippines 18 years old. However, individuals who are 18 years old but not yet 21 years old need to secure parental consent before they can get married.
2. Can individuals below 18 years old get married? No, individuals below 18 years old are not allowed to get married, even with parental consent.
3. Is there a minimum age difference for couples getting married? There is no specific minimum age difference required for couples getting married in the Philippines.
4. What are the legal requirements for getting married in the Philippines? Some of the legal requirements for getting married in the Philippines include securing a marriage license, attending a pre-marriage counseling, and complying with the necessary documentary requirements.
5. Can individuals of the same sex get married in the Philippines? As of now, same-sex marriage is not legally recognized in the Philippines.
6. Is marriage between a Filipino and a foreigner allowed? Yes, marriage between a Filipino and a foreigner is allowed in the Philippines.
7. Are arranged marriages legal in the Philippines? Arranged marriages are legal in the Philippines as long as both parties freely consent to the marriage.
8. Can a married individual marry another person in the Philippines? No, bigamy is illegal in the Philippines. A married individual cannot marry another person while still in a valid marriage.
9. Can a marriage be annulled in the Philippines? Yes, under certain circumstances, a marriage can be annulled in the Philippines through a legal process.
10. What are the penalties for marrying below the legal age in the Philippines? Marrying below the legal age in the Philippines without parental consent can result in imprisonment and fines for the parties involved, as well as for the solemnizing officer.


Legal Age of Marriage in Philippines

Marriage legal binding contract two individuals, and such, important understand laws regulations regarding Legal Age of Marriage in Philippines. This contract outlines the legal age requirements for marriage in the Philippines, as well as the rights and responsibilities of parties involved.

Article I – Legal Age Marriage
In accordance with the Family Code of the Philippines, the legal age of marriage is eighteen (18) years old. However, individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years old but below twenty-one (21) years old must have parental consent to be able to contract marriage.
Article II – Marriage License Requirements
Before a marriage can be solemnized, the parties must secure a marriage license from the local civil registrar of the city or municipality where either or both of the contracting parties habitually reside. The marriage license may only be issued after fulfilling the following requirements: (1) personal appearance of the contracting parties before the local civil registrar, (2) valid identification cards, birth certificates or baptismal certificates, and (3) parental consent or advice in case of parties within the age of minority.
Article III – Penalties Violation
Any person who shall contract marriage without securing the required license or with parental consent or advice, or anyone who shall knowingly and willfully solemnize a marriage without the required license, shall be punished by imprisonment and fine in accordance with the law.